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My name is Stephen Schieberl. I live in the woods near Portland, Oregon. Hit me up to work together.

Ban the Rewind?


I was at Bloc weekend in 2008. At an otherwise awesome dubstep showcase, one act who will go unnamed was throwing way, way, WAY too many rewinds. In the haze one can only be in on day two or three of a round-the-clock music festival, the idea of a campaign to ban the rewind emerged. It was one of those things we were just joking about at the time, but me being me, I actually pursued it. The original site is still online, but shifted over to here . But that's my approach to things. Take a kind of ridiculous idea and see it through. In logging many thousands of hours trying to push myself in creative programming, not-so-creative programming, music production, and miscellaneous geekiness, I've discovered a thing or two and made this blog as a place to share. For starters, I tried out a wide variety of blog engines and really wasn't pleased with anything. So I wrote this one from scratch, and will be sharing it when I take it out of beta. I specialize in interactivity. That is, finding interesting ways to interact with a machine in a physical space and getting interesting feedback. Mostly in C++, but I've kind of been all over the map over the years, so there will be a little of everything here. I'm hoping the posts here save folks a few hours of digging through Google at 5am when a project is due in an hour with the time difference. Or maybe inspire the developer who's hit a dead end find something interesting to do. Here goes...