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My name is Stephen Schieberl. I live in the woods near Portland, Oregon. Hit me up to work together.

Ban the Rewind?


Pictured: Controlling a metaball man with a Kinect skeleton I've been afforded the opportunity at Fashionbuddha to do some research with my new Kinect SDK block . My main goal right now is to merge depth and color data in interesting ways to pull the user into warped computer land. For some time now, I've also been wanting to combine Kinect with CinderISO to make blob people. The videos here are all points along the way to something better, I'm feeling, but worth sharing all the same. These all reflect real time, interactive performance. KinectISO -- a work in progress KinectISO -- two player "It's Just How I Feel" -- mapping color data to depth data "Disintegrate" -- modified point cloud with color data A bad recording