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My name is Stephen Schieberl. I live in the woods near Portland, Oregon. Hit me up to work together.

Ban the Rewind?


Pictured: Using the Emotiv EPOC to drive Seccog Seccog is a visualizer which takes eye movement and cognition from an EEG as input. Developed at Fashionbuddha and built in Cinder , Seccog utilizes the ciEmotiv block with an Emotiv EPOC to interpret glances and thoughts as movement. The EEQ-equipped user is presented with a black orb which emits ribbons based on its velocity. After a little training in Emotiv's control panel, looking around the screen and focusing on a direction will send the orb that way. More powerful thoughts result in greater travel velocity and therefore more interesting visuals. The ciEmotiv-powered Seccog in action The visuals are based on some recent work in generating Perlin ribbons . Earlier versions of the visualizer included using brainwave channel values to affect movement of these trails, blurring the overall image based on how well you focused, and simply drawing from scratch. While each of these things could be rewarding for the user when done right (like seeing the lame 3D unicorn for the first time in a stereogram), they were a bit too abstract to perform well and meant absolutely nothing to observers. The idea behind Seccog (seccade + cognition) is that it mixes eye movement and cognitive thought values, presenting them in a way that is easy to pick up for the user and their audience. Seccog really just is what you make of it, but I found myself wanting to create a "stability recovery" situation. That is, I'd push it hard to really amp the velocity, then try to counter the thought to re-center the orb. It's quite a workout for your brain. With a second unit on the way, the door will be opened to establish some " Fist of the North Star " concentration battles.