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My name is Stephen Schieberl. I am a Creative Technology Lead at Wieden+Kennedy in Portland, Oregon. I build everything from large format installations to experimental interactive art to database-driven web sites and more.

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Ban the Rewind?

Pictured: Screen grab from "SkeletalApp" There have been some major updates to the LEAP sensor since my original post , and I've done my best to keep up with the help of some contributors. The block's samples have all been overhauled with cleaner and more modern code, and a new sample demonstrating skeletal tracking has been added. The skeletal tracking with this sensor is a game changer. It tracks all joints starting form the elbows on out through your wrists and knuckles to your fingertips. And its accurate within millimeters. The possibilities for interacting with virtual 3D environments on screen or in a headset are vast. Find the updated block here .