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My name is Stephen Schieberl. I live in the woods near Portland, Oregon. Hit me up to work together.

Ban the Rewind?


Pictured: Somnium Incognitum, 72" x 44", newsprint wheat pasted onto the 4472 stack. There is a 72" x 44" billboard at Wieden+Kennedy which features work from anyone in the building every week. Each new piece is wheat-pasted over the last, part of what has been dubbed Series 4472 . I decided to throw my hat in the ring using code as my medium. I've had this shape and color palette floating around in my head for some time--this towering entity representing the origin of purpose. Whether anyone else saw it the same way didn't matter. I just felt compelled to make it. Creating the actual artwork came naturally. The bulk of the code is on the GLSL side; using some familiar routines to generate geometry with numerous fine parameters and a few layers of recursion to automate the details. I used Cinder to run the shaders and control the scene. The biggest challenge was using a screen-based graphics coding language to generate a 72" x 44" image at 300dpi. That's 21,600 x 13,200 pixels. While it wasn't that tough, it took a bit of work to walk through the image and bounce out tiles correctly. I wanted the entire pipeline to live in code. There is a second color pass inside the Cinder application, which took some effort to prevent from producing seams in the tiles. The images were reassembled in Python as a single, uncompressed 880mb bitmap. For printing purposes, I had to load the bitmap into a PSD--the only time any sort of image editing software was used in the process. Pictured: Somnium Incognitum resampled to 4k.